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Find out about everything Kiddie Crusoe! Hot topics include admissions, facility procedures, birthday parties, our café & MORE!
Q: Is there a cost or charge for adults/parents?
A: There is no admission charge for adults/parents entering with a child. However, adults are not allowed admittance into the play arena unless associated with a open play or party child currently on premise, no exceptions.

Q: Can I check out or preview the facility without my child?
A: Adults are not allowed admittance into the play arena unless associated with a child currently on premise for the safety of all of our visiting families. To preview the facility, schedule a weekday tour by emailing

Q: What age(s) is your facility appropriate for?
A: We have something for every child to enjoy from ages 1+, and the play arena has been designed to help separate the older kiddies from the younger.

Q: Can I leave the facility and come back later the same day?
A: For the safety and enjoyment of all our patrons, once a patron has vacated the premises, they may not re-enter at a later time the same day. This policy enables us to keep better track of visiting patrons, particularly during peak visiting hours, and helps to prevent two-hour play restrictions and waitlists.

Q: Can I bring in my own snacks and food for parties?
A: For birthday parties and reserved events, you may bring in non-refrigerated cupcakes/cake, sealed, pre-packaged baby food, and a cooler of individual serving drinks. We do not permit drinks that are poured into a cup, in a glass container, alcoholic. Any other food must be provided through Kiddie Crusoe per the regulations and restrictions of Baltimore County Environmental Health and our insurance company in having a restaurant-grade food permit.

Q: Do you offer selections in your café to meet special dietary needs?
A: We carry gluten and casein free snacks like fresh fruit, such as apple slices and fruit cups, Welch’s Fruit Snacks, Fritos Corn Chips, hot dogs, and organic carrot sticks, to name a few. We also carry Kosher snacks and drinks. Please note that we are NOT a nut free facility. Email food questions and requests to

Q; Where should patrons and party guests park?
A: We have parking available in front of our facility, on-street, and overflow parking on the side of Office Depot. Please note the "Capital Tri-State Only Parking' signs for our business neighbor during the week and do not park in front of delivery doors.

Q: Do you rent the facility for private parties or group events?
A: We will make our facility available for private events outside of our normal hours of operation, such as weekday evenings. The cost of a private party is $499 and includes up to 25 children, additional children are $12/child.

Q: How often is the facility cleaned?
A: The entire facility is cleaned daily, including all play surfaces and items inspected, wiped, and sanitized. The play arenas are tidied throughout the day, as well as bathroom facilities and café seating. Hand sanitizer is provided at the front desk upon entering/leaving, as well as in the eating area. Kiddie Crusoe prides itself on a clean, safe facility.

Q: What is required to book my child's party?
A: $100.00 US non-refundable deposit by credit card is required to book your party date and time. The deposit is applied towards the balance of the party, which is due the day of your party. Party reservations are available online 24/7 and our payment system is encrypted and 100% secure. We are not able to take party reservations by phone, but provide a kiosk for onsite party reservations during posted open hours.

Q: How do I reserve my group to receive the group rate discount?
A: Groups of 6-17 kids must be booked with a Kiddie Crusoe representative at least three days prior to scheduled visit date and will receive a discounted admission rate of $10/child. Groups of 18+ kids must be booked with a Kiddie Crusoe representative at least one (1) week prior to scheduled visit date and requires a $50 deposit to receive a discounted admission rate of $9/child. The $50 deposit is applied towards the group visit admissions, the balance of which is due the day of your visit in a single transaction. Groups of 40 or more kids must be booked with a Kiddie Crusoe representative at least one (1) week prior to scheduled visit date and requires a $100 deposit to receive a discounted admission rate of $8/child. The $100 deposit is applied towards the group visit admissions, the balance of which is due the day of your visit in a single transaction. Patrons must check-in under the registered group name to receive the group rate discount, with a minimum of 6 children checking in together. Refunds/discounts are not provided for admissions that have already been paid. We do not offer group discounted rates to non-registered groups as we acquire additional staff to accommodate group bookings for the safety and enjoyment of all our visiting patrons. A family discount passport cannot be purchased or used for an unregistered group visit. Typically, we are able to provide a free room rental for large groups wanting to add-on pre-ordered food from Kiddie Crusoe. For additional questions, email

Q: What if my child or party guest(s) have special dietary needs?
A: We will work with you to meet the dietary needs of your guest. If there are special food items that are required outside of our normal offerings, contact us and we will do our best to acquire what you need and provide custom pricing.

Q: Can I book my party for longer than two hours?
A: Party Extensions are available during our off peak season May-August only. As long as there is availability before or after your desired date and time of a non-holiday weekday party reservation, you can extend your party by 1.5 hours for an additional $150.00 US+tax.

Q: Do children under 1 count towards my party guest total?
A: Children under 1 and over 12 (including adults) do not count toward your party guest total, and therefore, do not require a play passport. Ten children, ages 1-12, are included in the party package. Additional children can be added for a maximum of 30 total party guests, ages 1-12, at an additional fee of $12/child.

Q: What if there is a child attending the party and not playing?
A: All children, ages 1-12, that are checked in with your party will be charged to your party. Parents of party quests may pay for additional siblings themselves, otherwise they will be included in your party guest total. Children 13 years and older who are in attendance do not need to pay admission as they are not permitted on the equipment. All guests under the age of 18 need to be listed on the waiver and signed for by an adult who is 18 years or older. Q: What is the max number of children the party room can accommodate?
A: Our party rooms can accommodate a maximum of 30 children seated with standing room and bench seating along the perimeter for up to 38 adults.

Q: Are you open to the public for open play during parties?
A: Yes, we are open to the public for open play during parties. However, we do waitlist open play admission when we reach a self-imposed child capacity for the safety and enjoyment of all our patrons.

Q: Can I bring in outside entertainment or vendors during my party?
A: Child appropriate entertainment is allowed, such as character appearances, face painters, magicians, etc. We require advance notice, including the company name, contact person, proof of libaility insurance wih a minimum of $1,000,000/occurence coverage, federal tax number, and phone number for Kiddie Crusoe approval of all outside entertainers. Entertainment involving animals, sand, paint, and/or food are strictly prohibited.

Q: Can my guests stay and play after my two hour party time has expired?
A: Weekends can get quite busy with parties and open play admissions, therefore, on weekends we limit play for parties to two hours so that additional parties and open play patrons can come in to play. However, the party child and up to five child guests can still stay and play after your two hour party has expired.

Q: What time should I show up for the party?
A: We recommend arriving no sooner than 10 minutes prior to your party to sign-in and load any allowable party items. Rolling utility carts are provided for your convenience to transport party items from vehicle to room and room to vehicle. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to your party to avoid a waiting period to enter the play arena. We are unable to provide early access. You may enter the play arena directly at party start and your private party room will be ready for use within the first 15 minutes of your event.

Q: Can I bring in my own party decorations?
A: We can provide custom themes for your party at an additional fee, ranging from $15.00-35.00 US. You can also bring in your own party goods and decorations to complete your custom theme look in your private party room. You may provide your own themed items such as non-vinyl birthday banner, ceiling danglers, scene setter, plates, napkins, collapsible centerpieces, and 2-3 table covers. We will offset any additional items needed with coordinating solid colored goods. All provided decorations must be pre-prepped and ready to hang/use. In addition, all provided decor must be able to fit in a standard reusable shopping bag.

Larger centerpieces may be brought in at party start time as long as they are ready to place and do not come closer than 18" clearance from the 8' ceiling when placed on a table or counter. Tied and weighted balloons and balloon bouquets may also be brought in at party start. We are not able to accommodate paper lanterns or vinyl banners. We ask that all approved party items be dropped off onsite at least 5 days prior to your event. There is no refund or substitution when opting to provide your own party decor, and all wall and ceiling decor already present must remain in tact.

Q: Can I drop off party items in advance?
A: Yes, we require that any theme party items be delivered onsite at a minimum of five (5) days prior to your event so that your party host can have your room ready for you promptly. We are unable to accept cake/cupcakes, party favors, or balloon bouquets prior to your event start date and time.

Q: What forms of payment are accepted for parties?
A: We accept any form of credit card and cash. We are not able to accept personal checks or debit cards at this time.

Q: Are there any instructions I should relay to my guests prior to the party?
A: Please instruct your guests to arrive promptly to sign-in at the front party desk. All guests must complete a waiver form. Children will need hard-soled shoes while climbing on the indoor playground, and socks are required to bounce in the inflatable attractions. You can direct your guests that parking is available in front of our facility, on-street, and overflow parking is available on the side of Office Depot.

Q: How many adults can come to my party?
A: In order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all of our visitors and meet fire code capacity restrictions, we require that you limit the number of adults to the number of child party guests, plus an additional eight. Therefore, if you have 12 children party guests, a maximum of 20 adults would be allowed. Additional adults may be permitted if space allows at an additional fee of $12/adult over the allowable maximum.

Q: Can parents drop their children off for my party?
A: As long as you assume the responsibility of watching your party guests, parents can drop off children to your party assuming a ratio of 8 children per adult is maintained.

Q: What if there is inclement weather the day of my party?
A: If there is inclement weather the day of your party, please check our website calendar or Facebook page for up-to-date notices for late openings and closings, and alert your guests to do the same. A Kiddie Crusoe representative will also call you if a late opening or closure affects your party directly.

Q: How far in advance should I book my party?
A: To ensure that you are able to book your desired time and date we recommend booking 8-10 weeks prior to your party. Please check our online reservation calendar for availability. Please note that we are unable to provide availability by phone or email as this information could change within seconds of giving it as our online reservation system is live, 24/7.

Q: When is food and/or cake/cupcakes served in the private party room?
A: An announcement will be made throughout the facility on the PA system directing your party guests to move into your designated private party room one hour into the party. After playing an hour, we have found that children are generally ready to sit for a drink and food, especially knowing they can go back out and play after they are done eating. It also provides ample time for you and your guests to eat and relax before the room needs to be promptly vacated at the end of your party time slot.

If you are serving food to your guests in addition to cake/cupcakes, your party host will place the food on all children plates and then a facility wide announcement will be made to have the children gather in your designated party room to eat. Your party host will follow directly with the serving of cake or cupcakes.

Q: What does the party coordinator and party host do?
A: The party coordinator ensures that all of your custom party selections are in place for your party from decorations to the correct number of seating, as well as coordinates your food selections with your party host and kitchen. The party host will introduce themselves to you upon sign-in and assist you with anything you need during your party. They will clean and decorate your room upon arrival, serve food and cake/cupcakes to your child guests, and attend to any other requests you may have. They will also clean your room upon leaving. A 12% gratuity is automatically calculated in your party total that is distributed to all staff members that assist with your event.

Q: Can I change the date and/or time of my party?
A: Depending upon availability, we will work with you to reschedule your party time and/or date as needed due to inclement weather, documented illness, or family emergency.

Q: Does my party have access to the entire facility during my party?
A: Yes, you and your guests will have access to the entire facility during your party. All of your party guests will be easily recognized as they will receive a matching color wrist band or hand stamp upon sign-in at the front party desk.

Q: Can we open gifts during our party?
A: For your convenience, all gifts and cards from your party guests are loaded onto a rolling cart for easy transport to your vehicle at about 15 minutes prior to party end. We do not permit gift opening during a party unless special arrangements are made in advance as this takes away from the time the children have to play, creates excess waste, and often times results in forgotten or lost gifts.

Q: What type of theme parties do you provide?
A: We have several 'house' themes that are available at any time and include our signature Pretty Pink Princess, Flight of Fancy Butterflies, and Pirates Ahoy! themes, as well as All American Sports, and seasonal holiday themes. Our house themes are an additional $15.00 US and include custom décor and paper goods.

We can also acquire most other licensed themes with a minimum two week notice. Deluxe themes are an additional $25.00+tax US and typically include themed table cover for main table, large or dessert plates, luncheon napkins, banner, and/or danglers,if available for specified pattern. Other specialty items may be added as well such as wall scene setters, centerpieces, even cardboard stand-ups.

We also carry a variety of specialty licensed themes, including Yo Gabba Gabba, Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious, and Super Mario Bros at an additional $35.00+tax US. Specialty licensed themes typically include large plates, dessert plates, napkins, centerpiece or danglers, mylar, and table cover, if available, for the pattern.

Q: How do I reserve seating in the café for a small group?
A: Seating is based on a first-come first-serve basis and limited to a maximum of 30 minutes for café patrons only. Tables and seating are not permitted to be moved. Non-refrigerated cake/cupcakes, gifts, and approved party items can only be brought in with a reserved party package.

Q: What type of custom party options do you offer?
A: We offer a variety of custom party options, including face painting and tattoos starting at $2.99/child, party favors starting at $2.99/child, and custom themes ranging from $15.00-35.00 US.

Q: What is included in your favor bags?
A: We have several party favor options that range in price from $2.99-3.99/child. Our standard $2.99/child favors typically include party bag with bubbles or play doh, flying disc, spinning top, or yo-yo, stickers or tattoos, bracelet, ring, or play item, and a musical or sound item. Our deluxe $3.99/child favors, typically include a party container with bubbles and play doh, stickers or tattoos, and other appropriate items to match a particular theme.

Q: Are piñatas permitted?
A: We do not permit piñatas in the facility as small toys and candy may be overlooked that may present a choking hazard to our littlest visitors.

Q: I was not offered the party time I wanted. What can I do?
A: The party times are set schedules and cannot be altered. The party time(s) presented through the online reservation system is what is available on the day selected. You may want to select an alternate date to acquire your desired time slot.

Q: What decorations and paper goods do the party packages include?
A: The private party rooms are decorated with hanging ceiling decorations in bright colors which may include, pennants, paper lanterns, and danglers. Table covers, food plates and dessert plates, napkins, and plastic utensils will also be provided. Candle lighters, cake candles, and cake servers are available upon request.

Q: What if more than 1 child will be celebrating a birthday at my party?
A: We do allow shared birthday parties, however, only one free return pass will be provided to the email contact that reserves the party unless both party children are twins.

Q: Does your pizza contain egg products? Do you offer gluten-free pizza? How many people does a pizza serve?
A: Our pizza crust may come in contact with egg products at the processing facility, but does not contain egg as an ingredient. We are not able to offer Kosher pizza at this time. Our pizza is a 16" extra large pie that serves up to 8 adults or 16 children. Every pizza served is double-cut into 16 slices. We can provide Gluten-free pizza upon request.

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